Renee Katz '23
Political Science

Renee is pursuing a master’s degree in international security and a graduate certificate in Biodefense at George Mason University. She is currently working for the foreign policy and defense team at the American Enterprise Institute in D.C. She specializes in non-traditional security threats related to emerging technology, as well as U.S.-China relations. "The engaging curriculum and dedicated faculty at Centenary not only helped foster a passion for what I study, but also equipped me with the critical thinking and research skills essential for excelling in graduate school. I am grateful for the foundational knowledge I acquired at Centenary that continues to support my academic pursuits."


Carlos Romero '20
Music - Vocal Performance

“Centenary gave me the necessary tools to grow as an artist and as a member of society. The Hurley School of Music faculty gave me so many opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in music and in the music business. The smaller class sizes and the personal relationships that I built with my professors were crucial in helping me excel both in the classroom and on stage.”

Sam Hamilton '20
Graduate Program: Master of Fine Arts in Art at Colorado State

"The rigorous coursework and responsibility I was given at Centenary prepared me well for graduate study. Nothing has been more valuable than the critical thinking skills and creative problem solving that I gained as an undergraduate. The Studio Art courses are excellent for developing artistic skills, but I feel the courses I was able to take outside of my discipline have helped me just as much in graduate school. "



Rebecca Dunn '19
Mathematics, French
Tulane School of Architecture
Architectural designer and drafter at Flynn Designs in New Orleans

“I’m so thankful I was able to take classes outside of my major and comfort zone at Centenary because it prepared me for the culture and academic environment of graduate school. I have felt confident and able to contribute during this process of completing my architecture degree at Tulane thanks to the educational foundation Centenary gave me.”


Donovan Stone '17
Duke University School of Law
Clerk for Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

“Centenary’s emphasis on teaching and building relationships between students and faculty is unparalleled. As a Centenary graduate, I was well-prepared to succeed in law school. My history senior seminar, in particular, made me a better researcher and writer, and which has been invaluable in
law school.”


Dr. Laura Perilloux '17
Ophthalmology resident at LSUHS

“I cannot imagine anywhere preparing me more for medical school than Centenary, and I also don’t know of many other schools where I could have pursued a minor in political science just because I thought it was interesting. Centenary also allowed me to be an athlete, a sorority member, and active in organizations on campus and service in the community. It really sets you up for involvement and leadership after graduation.”

Cheredith Rhone '17

• 2018 first African American female graduate of the Master of Management in Energy program at Tulane University

• Division Manager of Administration for the City of Shreveport, Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation department

• Member of the Government Finance Officers Association - Budgeting & Fiscal Policy Committee, she serves in Washington, D.C., and Chicago as the committee's youngest member

• Serves on the Board of Directors at Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business

• Elected to the National Recreation and Parks Association Board of Directors

“I was the first African-American woman to graduate from this program at Tulane, and my rigorous liberal arts coursework at Centenary gave me the foundation for what was to come in graduate school. Because of my well-rounded knowledge base, I’m always able to join and contribute to a conversation, no matter the topic.”


Ben Green '17
Cataloguer for the Design department at Phillips

"After college I decided that I wanted to get a PhD and teach. Upon moving to New York for graduate school and interning at the Met, I decided that I instead wanted to be a curator. But now that I work at an auction house, I have realized that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else (for now, anyway!). In these three career-path iterations, the same skill set and previous experiences have been relevant and useful: fundamentally, a strong knowledge of art and design history; an intellectual curiosity; the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time; the ability to think critically and creatively; and a certain amount of confidence and perseverance. All of these traits are largely due to my experiences—in class, in the museum, in SGA, etc.—at Centenary."


Dr. Arash Ataei '16
2021 graduate of LSUHSC –New Orleans
Internal Medicine Resident at LSUHSC

“I’m thankful for the strong liberal arts foundation I received at Centenary. Nothing can particularly prepare you for the volume of information in med school, but building strong study habits and confidence as an undergraduate is key in a high-stress environment like this one. My Centenary professors taught me the importance of learning and understanding the material over simply getting a good grade, and this approach has been pivotal to my study habits and learning process in medical school.”

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