The Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 修订的, (俗称巴克利修正案)是一项联邦法律,它规定学院和大学将对学生的教育记录保密. 该法律基本上规定,未经学生书面同意,学校以外的任何人不得查阅学生的教育记录,学校也不得透露这些记录中的任何信息. 也有例外, 当然, so that certain personnel within the institution may see the records, including persons in an emergency in order to protect the health or safety of students or other persons.



Under the terms of FERPA, Centenary College has established the following as directory information:


  • 名字
  • 家庭/本地地址
  • 家庭/本地电话号码
  • 电子邮件登录
  • 图片或摄影作品


  • 学术专业和/或辅修专业
  • 分类
  • 注册状态
  • 出席日期
  • Degrees, Certificates, or Awards Received
  • 以前就读的学院
  • Weight/Height of Member of Athletic teams
  • Participants in Officially Recognized Activities and Sports

The above directory information will be available for release to the general public. 然而, 该法案规定,每个学生都有权通知welcome欢迎光临威尼斯学院,任何或全部信息不得公布. 如前所述,百周年学院将尊重学生的要求,限制“目录信息”的发布. Centenary College students may withhold disclosure of either or both categories of information. An opportunity to withhold information in A类 is provided at each registration period. In order to withhold information from B类, 学生必须在每个注册期的第二天课程结束之前以书面形式通知注册办公室. 最后一次登记期间的信息披露状态具有约束力,所有记录都应注明:“限制信息”, FERPA”. No information can be released without the written consent of the student. 未经文件上确定的人的书面同意,发布学生教育记录中包含的信息是违反Sec. 公法90-247 (FERPA).

Definitions of terms contained in this pamphlet or in the ACT such as education records, 合法的教育利益, 指定学校官员, and the need to know may be obtained from the Office of the 注册商.


是什么 . . .?

Parental Access to Children's Education Records

在中学以上阶段, parents have no inherent rights to inspect a student's education records. The right to inspect is limited solely to the student.

welcome欢迎光临威尼斯学生可以在每学期注册期间指定是否允许向父母透露自己的成绩. 只有在下列情况下,记录才可以向家长公开:(1)经学生书面同意, (2)遵照传票, 或(3)出示最近的联邦所得税表格副本,表明该学生被声称为受抚养人.*院校毋须向受供养学生的家长披露学生的教育记录资料. It may, however, exercise its discretion to do so. *在发布受抚养学生的信息之前,请联系注册办公室,看看学生是否在注册时签署了保密表格.


The public posting of grades either by the student's name, institutional student identification number, or security number without the student's written permission is a violation of FERPA. 即使名字模糊不清, student identifier numbers are considered personally identifiable information. 因此, the practice of posting grades by social security number or student identification number violates FERPA. The returning of papers via an "open" distribution system, e.g. 把它们堆在一张敞开的桌子上, is a violation of a student's right to privacy, unless the student 提交s a signed waiver to the instructor for such purpose. The instructor must keep the waiver on file in order to avoid institutional or personal liability.


As an employee of Centenary College, you may have access to the Student Education Records. Their confidentiality, use, and release are governed by FERPA. 您对这些信息的使用受法规以及您的雇佣和职位的职责和责任的约束.

你的工作让你处于受信任的位置,你是确保学生信息得到妥善处理的重要组成部分. 学生有权利期望他们的教育记录得到关心和尊重,就像你希望自己的记录得到尊重一样.

In general, all student information must be treated as confidential. Even public or "directory information" is subject to restriction on an individual basis. Unless your job involves release of information and you have been trained in that function, any requests for disclosure of information, 尤其是在学院之外, should be referred to the 注册商's Office. 未经文件上确定的人的书面同意,发布学生记录中包含的信息违反了Sec. 公法90-247. 作为大学雇员, 你们所有人都应该在管理计算机系统和电子邮件上拥有自己的帐户和密码. You are responsible for your personal account and will be held accountable for any improper use. Protection of your sign-on password and procedure is critical for security. Your password is the only protection your account has, and the only way the computer system can verify that you are actually who you say you are. Please pick a good password and protect it.

Your Responsibilities as a Student Employee

安全和保密是所有办公室和所有使用办公室设施的人员所关心的问题. The Office of the 注册商 is the official repository for student academic records, folders and other files for Centenary College. 其他教育记录以硬拷贝和电子形式存储在校园各处的办公室. 许多办公室能够提供工作机会和工作经验,以补充学生的经济和教育. 这样做的时候, 学生员工被置于一个独特的信任位置,因为办公室的主要责任是学生记录和文件的安全和保密. 因为工作内外的行为都可能影响或威胁到这些信息的安全和机密性, 每个学生员工都应遵守以下规定:(1)任何人不得擅自使用或允许未经授权使用所保存的文件中的任何信息, stored or processed by the office in which they are employed, (2)任何人不得利用在工作中获知的机密信息谋取个人利益或允许他人谋取个人利益, (3)任何人不得向任何人展示或泄露任何记录或报告的内容,除非是在执行其工作任务和根据学院的政策和程序, (4) No one may knowingly include or cause to be included any record or report a false, 误导性的条目. No one may knowingly expunge or cause to be expunged in any record or report a data entry, (5)无正式记录或报告, 或其副本, from the office where it is maintained may be removed except in the performance of a person's duties, 没有人来帮忙, 教唆, or act in conspiracy with another to violate any part of this code, and (7) Any knowledge of a violation must be immediately reported to the person's supervisor.

Your Responsibilities as a Student on a Committee



总之,记住 . . .

  • Checking a person's picture identification when releasing education records is required. 在你发布学生的任何信息之前,一定要检查一下学生是否允许披露信息.
  • 与任何没有合法教育利益的人讨论学生的记录是违反FERPA的. This pertains to conversations on and off the job.
  • Removing any document from the office for non-business purposes is a violation of FERPA.
  • Releasing confidential student information (non-directory) to another student, 学院组织, or any person who does not have a legitimate educational interest, 在没有学生的书面授权的情况下,向受抚养学生的父母发送邮件是违反FERPA的.
  • 将包含机密信息的报告或电脑屏幕留给其他人,而其他人对这些数据没有合法的教育利益,或者将您的电脑无人看管,都违反了FERPA.
  • Making personal use of student information is in violation of FERPA.
  • Allowing another person to use your computer access code is in violation of FERPA.
  • Putting paperwork in the trash with a student's information (i.e., social security number or grades) is also in violation of FERPA.
  • In addition to the possibility of personal litigation, proven FERPA violations may result in loss of federal funds to Centenary College.
  • Violation of confidentiality and security may lead to appropriate personnel action.


非歧视政策通知 该机构在其教育和就业政策中不基于性别歧视任何人, 比赛, color, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 性取向, 国家或民族出身, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, 状态, 或者当地法律.