Student Consumer Information

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Program Availability

Financial aid programs which are available to students attending Centenary College are distributed through the following Centenary published documents:

  1. The Centenary College Catalog.

  2. A Financial Aid and Scholarships Brochure distributed to students from the Financial Aid Office and Admission Office.

  3. The Centenary College web site (

  4. The Student Guide published by the U.S. Department of Education. Financial aid funds may be categorized into four basic sources: federal, state, institutional, and private. 


Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP)
Federal Perkins Loan
Federal TEACH Grant
Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan
Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Federal Parental Loan for Undergraduate Students (FPLUS)


Louisiana’s TOPS Scholarships Louisiana GO Grant


1825 Scholars Scholarship
President’s Scholarship
Dean’s Scholarship
Trustee’s Scholarship
Nan Christian Scholarship
Academic Scholarship
Centenary Award
Challenge Awards
Legacy Scholarship
Endowed Scholarships
Choir Scholarship
Church Leadership Center Scholarship
Music Scholarship
Talent Scholarships
Minister Dependent Grants 
Out-of-State Grants
Methodist Grants 
Centenary Grants 

Procedures and Forms Required to Apply

Instructions for applying for financial aid are published in the Centenary College Catalog and the Centenary Financial Aid and Scholarship brochure, and online at In addition, notices announcing deadlines and application availability are distributed from the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis using a priority deadline. Students who complete their files after this priority date may receive limited funding. There are many forms which may be required to evaluate student aid eligibility. However, a student need only apply for admission and file the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to begin application process. Additional documents may be requested to complete processing of the aid request. Notification of these additional required documents are sent to students through a missing information letter. Additional information may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Proof of citizenship.

  • Proof of selective service registration.

  • Marriage certificate.

  • Verification Worksheet.

  • Tax returns (parent and student and/or spouse).

Methods of Disseminating Consumer Information

The primary method of disseminating consumer information to college students is through the College Catalog and website. In addition, information is distributed through:

  • Information sheets distributed to students with award letters.

  • The award letter.

  • The Centenary Financial Aid and Scholarships brochure.

Student Eligibility Requirements

Student eligibility requirements are listed in the following documents:

  • Centenary College Catalog.

  • Centenary College website.

  • The Centenary Financial Aid and Scholarships brochure.

On specific aid applications (i.e., loan applications for Stafford Loan and scholarship applications describe eligibility requirements).

To be eligible to receive need-based Federal assistance, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in an eligible program of study.

  • Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or U.S. permanent resident or reside in the United States for other than a temporary purpose (supportive documentation may be required to verify residency or citizenship status).

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in their course of study.

  • Not be in default of any loan or owe a repayment on a Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, or State Grant.

  • Demonstrate financial need.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students on Financial Aid

As a recipient of financial aid, there are certain rights and responsibilities of which students should be aware. These rights and responsibilities of students on financial aid are listed in the Centenary Catalog.

Students have the right to know the:

  • Financial aid programs available at Centenary.

  • Application process which must be followed to be considered for aid.

  • Criteria used to select recipients and calculate need.

  • Centenary Return of Title IV Funds policy.

  • Financial Aid Office policies surrounding satisfactory academic progress.

  • Special facilities and services available for the handicapped.

Students are responsible for:

  • Completing all forms accurately and by the published deadlines.

  • Submitting information requested by the Financial Aid Office staff in a timely manner.

  • Keeping the Financial Aid Office informed of any changes in address, name, marital status, financial situation, or any change in student status.

  • Reporting to the Financial Aid Office any additional assistance from non-College sources such as scholarships, loans, fellowships, and educational benefits.

  • Notifying the Financial Aid Office of a change in enrollment status.

  • Maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

  • Re-applying for aid each year.



Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.